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Promise Neighborhoods Improve Your Health!

It’s not just about education, as the Huffington Post published yesterday in “Eliminate the ‘Health Gap,’” by James R. Knickman. This article, re-posted all over the internet, shows how Promise Neighborhoods are the solution to “reducing disparities in health.” Knickman knows what he’s talking about: he’s the president & CEO of the New York State Health Foundation, and he sits on the board of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a generous supporter of the Promise Neighborhoods Institute.

Promise Neighborhoods work, Knickman says, because

“issues related to education, housing, and health are linked inextricably. Children need to be healthy if they are going to succeed in school and in life. Families need to have safe places to live, to be able to pay for their medications, to have access to affordable healthy foods, to have their basic human needs met if they are going to be healthy.”

We couldn’t have said it better! Re-post this article yourself and get the word out that Promise Neighborhoods are about more than education reform; they work to improve all areas of a child’s life and, in doing so, take the necessary steps to break the cycle of generational poverty.