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Promise Neighborhoods Applications Due Today!

Submit now!

Best of luck to everyone!

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Promise Neighborhoods Apps Due THIS FRIDAY at 4:30pm ET

We’re in the home stretch! This Friday is the due date for applicants vying for Promise Neighborhoods funding in FY 2012.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure your organization is registered with, and to submit your application EARLY to troubleshoot technical problems.

Hundreds of people will be submitting grant applications on Friday, so beat the rush (just like getting out of town for the weekend!) and submit on Thursday, or Friday morning at the latest. And then reward yourself with a nice lunch or iced tea!

Just a few more days to go. Take a deep breath, and stick with it. On Friday, we can rest.

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Q’s About New Promise Neighborhoods Grants? We’ve Got A’s in Webinars Next Week

PNI Director Michael McAfee and current grantees will answer your questions on the Promise Neighborhoods application process

FY 2012 Promise Neighborhoods planning and implementation applications are due July 27, and notice of intent to apply is due June 8. If you’re interested in applying, or finding out more about the application process, join us for one or two upcoming webinars.

Applying for Promise Neighborhoods Planning and Implementation Grants Webinars

  • Get a preview of the planning and implementation How-to-Apply application guides that the Institute has carefully updated for this next round of grants;
  • Receive tips and advice from the Institute and current grantees; and
  • Ask questions and hear answers from Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink and grant-writing experts.

Planning Grant Webinar
Wednesday, May 23, 3-5pm EST.
Register here to participate

Implementation Grant Webinar
Friday, May 25, 12-2pm EST
Register here to participate

Please contact Cara Carrillo with any questions about the webinars and visit our website for more information about the Promise Neighborhoods program.

We are here to support communities committed to using the Promise Neighborhoods model. We know the stakes are high, and that equitable programs like Promise Neighborhoods are crucial to building a strong future for our children and our communities. Join us next week to begin the process.

On Your Marks! FY 2012 Promise Neighborhoods Applications Released

They’re here!  The US Department of Education released a request for planning and implementation applications for the FY 2012 Promise Neighborhoods program.

More information is on the Department of Education’s Promise Neighborhoods page.

We know a lot of you have been waiting for this announcement, and we’re pleased to share with you that up to 15 new planning grants of up to $500,000 each and 5-7 new implementation grants of up to $4-6 million each will be funded this year, and there will be continuing funding for the five implementation grantees selected last year. We will be making every effort to assist communities interested in applying with tools and resources on our website, updated How to Apply guides, and webinars.

For now, take note of these dates:

Deadline for Notice of Intent to Apply: June 8, 2012

Dept of Ed Pre-Application Webinars: May 17 and June 14, 2012

Date full applications are due: July 27, 2012

And stay tuned for further updates and guidance!


Don’t Risk the Rush! Register NOW on

Promise Neighborhood applicants know that September 6 is the magic date, but don’t plan for the application process to be magical!

There will be a big rush as communities all across the country (almost 600!) file their applications, so be safe and register your group NOW to ensure smooth filing on the day of. (Also, if you’re ready early, submit early! That will certainly help ensure your application goes through.)

Feeling overwhelmed? We’ll help you take it a step at a time. Register your group on (easy!), look over the application guidelines, and check out our application guides to help you apply (helpful!).

And this happens to be finance week, so register now for our two finance webinars today and tomorrow!

If you’ve got questions, chances are we’ve got advice, resources, tools, webinars, guides, experts, and an open ear. Take a breath and get in touch. This is the work.




New FAQs on Promise Neighborhoods Applications!

The Department of Education has just released updated FAQs on the Promise Neighborhoods application and grants. If you’ve got questions or concerns, check to see if this document answers them! If you’ve STILL got questions after reading it, let us know!

Dept of Ed Seeks Peer Reviewers!

Want to make a difference for Promise Neighborhoods? Become a peer reviewer and help select the communities who will receive funding for planning and implementation!

Read this announcement, get in touch, and get started!

Dept of Ed Announces 2011 Promise Neighborhoods Grants!

The guidelines are out, and the Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink is ready to help communities with their applications!

An exciting update from last year’s application is that communities may apply for both planning AND implementation grants to create and sustain Promise Neighborhoods. The guidelines show a deeper focus on early learning components and programs for English language learners.

If you’re feeling like you need a boost to get going, check out our Technical Assistance Self-Assessment tool!


Promise Neighborhoods Program Applications Coming Out Next Week!

The Department of Education is aiming to release the applications for this round of Promise Neighborhood program grants next week, so Promise Neighborhoods, sharpen your pencils!

Get ready for the new application by taking a tour of our new website (still ironing out some wrinkles, so bear with us!) and looking at the materials from last year as well as some new papers we’re putting out. We’ll be following up with 2011 application-specific information shortly, so stay tuned!

And, as always, we’re here to help. Give us a shout!

Mapping the Movement!

Check out this cool map we put together showing (and listing) all the 941 communities that have submitted the “intent to apply” paperwork for the federal Promise Neighborhoods Program. The breadth and depth is extraordinary.

Communities from every state, 48 tribal areas, and 170 rural areas will apply. Amazing!

Click the map below for a completely interactive version:

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